Armand de Brignac "Rose Brut"

Armand de Brignac "Rose Brut"
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A prestige cuvée that elevates the moment Introduced shortly after Gold, Armand de Brignac... more
Product information "Armand de Brignac "Rose Brut""

A prestige cuvée that elevates the moment

Introduced shortly after Gold, Armand de Brignac Rosé was created as a unique expression that has a distinct wine-like quality. Armand de Brignac Rosé is made by adding 15% still red wine to the final blend. This Pinot Noir is harvested from old vines that produce fruit with great flavor intensity. This gives the champagne a deeper texture and richer red fruit nuances, making it a perfect wine to enjoy from the beginning to the end of the evening.

Exclusivity - Tradition - Excellency

Armand de Brignac is a prestige cuvee which was created in the house of Cattier for champagne connoisseurs and lovers of exclusive, great champagnes.

The name "Armand" comes from the name of the character of a novella that Mrs. Cattier, the founder of this Cuvee selected. This noble champagne is still produced today by Mr. Cattier and his son Alexandre himself.
The family has been in Champagne since 1763 and has been winemakers for many generations in the Chigyny les Roses region, one of the most exclusive regions of Champagne.

In this cuvee, different vintages find an ideal combination, the production is comparable to an operetta ... a single violin sounds very good, but the completion of the piece of music succeeds only with the other instruments as a whole orchestra.
The individuality required in each vintage is due to the high demands placed on each stage of production. Thus, even today, a very small team of 18 selected employees forms the cornerstone of traditional, artisanal winemaking for the production of this unique Cuvee. All vines are certified Grand Cru as well as Premier Cru.
The Champagnes are created in a symbiosis of Pinot Noir (40%), Chardonnay (40%) and Pinot Meunier (20%) and are aged in the deep cellars of Cattier for Armand de Brignac. These are one of the deepest in Champagne, making them very stable in temperature and colder than other storage cellars. The low temperature is just ideal for a slow and gentle aging of the champagne.
Made in the hand-turned remuage, this champagne finds its finesse in the dosage, which consists of liqueurs made from table wines of Champagne (exclusively Chardonnays) and aged for 9 months in wooden barrels. This is a unique manufacturing process which is used in the house Cattier. This is also the reason for the unique character.
Finally, this champagne also finds its individual elegance in its packaging - from the pewter label to the silver- or gold-colored bottle to the wooden box lined with velvet, all friends of aesthetics will be delighted.

In a blind tasting with over 1000 participants, Armand de Brignac was chosen as the winner -- 1000 participants -- 1 winner -- Armand de Brignac

Moet bottle neck Color: The golden sheen is unmatched in elegance and exclusivity
Bouquet: Rich in exotic fruits, cherries and hints of lemon, vanilla and honey
Taste: The indescribable perlage gently tickles your palate with notes of exotic fruits, cherries, vanilla and honey, as well as the liveliness of candied citrus.



  Vine share 80xxxx_armand_de_brignac_logo
Pinot Noir gives the body 40 %
Pinot Meunier gives the smoothness 20 %
Chardonnay is responsible for the finesse 40%
Dosage 9 g/l
Füllmenge (Volumen): 750 ml
Alkoholgehalt: 12 vol.%
passt zu: Apéritif, Cheese, Finger food, Fish, Mediterranean cuisine, Salmon
Gifts: Ja
Shipping weight: 2,8 kg
Manufacturer: Armand de Brignac
Made in: France
product group: Champagne
brand: Armand de Brignac
Rebsorte: Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir
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