Belvedere Wodka Made in Poland 0,7L 40 vol. %

Wodka aus Polen basierend auf Roggen
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Rye. Water. Character.  Belvedere Vodka is the original and true expression of luxury... more
Product information "Belvedere Wodka Made in Poland 0,7L 40 vol. %"

Rye for vodka

Rye. Water. Character. 

Belvedere Vodka is the original and true expression of luxury vodka, from 600 years of Polish vodka tradition. The vodka itself is always authentic and never artificial. It is quadruple distilled to create the perfect balance of character and purity. It is completely free of additives, including sugar or glycerin. Dilution with purified water from Belvedere's own craft well is essential, allowing the character of the rye to shine. Belvedere represents the pinnacle of vodka. No additives, gluten-free, natural and smooth. 

Masterfully made from nature.Vodka on stone in the mountains

A natural, simple approach is at the heart of the Belvedere brand. This begins with the process the master distillers use to create the spirits. Every ingredient that goes into the time-honored process is subject to the strict standards of the Polish Vodka Law, which dictates that no artificial flavors can be added. The rye for Belvedere is sourced from only eight local agricultural partners, allowing 100% traceability of the grain. This allows the master distillers to understand the conditions and characteristics of the land when growing rye and to extract distinctive flavors from the grain. Master distillers combine this traditional grain with water that is purified in an 11-step process to create a neutral stage that allows the nuanced and dynamic flavors of rye to shine. From two key ingredients brought together through a process inspired by the centuries-old Polish art of distilling, a spirit of unparalleled depth, complexity and flavor is created.

Rye grains for the production of vodka

A complex grain with ancient roots

Belvedere Polish Rye is a grain of special heritage, one of the few grains that have remained unchanged since ancient times. Known for its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and difficult soils, our rye is sourced from only eight local agricultural partners to ensure 100% traceability. Unlike more neutral ingredients like wheat or corn, rye imparts distinct flavor and character. Neutrality used to be associated with the quality of vodka, but Belvedere has always stood for the special depth and complexity that rye brings.

Füllmenge (Volumen): 700 ml
Alkoholgehalt: 40 vol. %
Altersgruppe: ab 18 Jahren
glutenfreie Produkte: Ja
Shipping weight: 1,21 kg
Manufacturer: Hennessy
Made in: EU (Poland)
product group: Vodka
Target group: Adults
Manufacturer address: Moët Hennessy Deutschland GmbH Seidlstr. 23 80335 München
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