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One big family, one big shared passion. More than a century of history spanning five generations: from the great-grandfather Antonio to the current sole director Italo, who, together with his son and daughters Anna and Andrea, continues the tradition of a company that has always sought and found fundamental and authentic values in work, research and quality. Together with the Maschio family, whole generations of winegrowers, distillers, oenologists and viticultural technicians have grown up. They shared the same experiences and the desire for innovation and quality in every aspect, however creative and productive.




The adventure began at the end of the 19th century in Cismon del Grappa, between the banks of the river Brenta and the peaks of Monte Grappa, where the Maschio family farmed the land and distilled grappa with a portable still. After travelling through Romania and Hungary, the Maschio family returned to Italy with the still, a symbol of their identity and the centrepiece of an ongoing family tradition. A stone's throw from the gravel bed of the Piave River, Antonio Maschio founded the company, and it was his grandson Bonaventura who took up the art of distilling at the beginning of the 20th century. The company experienced a turning point at the end of the 1980s, under Italo's management, with the birth of Prime Uve, a brandy made from grapes.





Gaiarine was once in the heart of Central Europe, while today it is in the centre of what is known as the Northeast, one of the most economically and culturally interesting regions of Italy. The vineyards are set in a gentle and generous landscape between the Piave River and the Tagliamento River. Hilly landscapes made famous by the paintings of the Cima da Conegliano. Austria, Slovenia, Trieste, Venice, Padua and Verona are neighbours, at home all over the world.





Each generation of the family has dedicated a large part of its life to the art of distilling: always with heart, emotion and enthusiasm, but also with rigour, character, methodical research and work, soul, discipline, curiosity and wisdom. Italo Maschio is the sole director. After studying economics and commerce at the University of Parma, he held various positions in trade associations. Italo Maschio's daughter Anna Maschio, who graduated from the University of Padua with a degree in ancient literature and from Bocconi University with a master's degree in export marketing, joined the family business at a young age and took care of the foreign sales department. Today, she supports her father in managing the company and mainly takes care of aspects of communication. Italo's son Andrea Maschio, who graduated from the University of Verona in the management of agro-industrial companies, also assists his father in the management of the company and mainly takes care of matters related to production and the numerous trials.





Emotion has always been a fundamental constant in the tradition and culture of distilling. It means passion, the desire for knowledge and sharing, an emotion that above all means a constant and attentive presence towards the evolution of taste. Only with emotion can these products be truly and fully restored to all the qualities that characterise them so well. Skill, genuineness, discovery, uniqueness and simplicity. All this is part of that world that this represents.

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