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Old Bushmills

The history

1608: Sir Thomas Phillips - landowner and governor in Ireland - received a licence to distil from King James I on 20 April 1608. 


1784: The Old Bushmills Distillery is official. 


1850: A malt tax was introduced, drastically increasing the price of malted barley. This caused many distillers to change their recipe, but not the Bushmills company.


Early 1900s: Old Bushmills' "celebrated malt whiskey" wins numerous awards.


1950: After the war, production resumed and Bushmills became increasingly popular. Exports also increased.


2008: Old Bushmills is now 400 years old.






A place where family and friends have worked for generations, in a small Northern Irish village that for over 400 years has remained true to the philosophy that small batch artisan production is the way to make deliciously sweet tasting Irish whiskey.The small riverside village of Bushmills is home to the oldest working distillery in Ireland. 


You can also take a distillery tour for little money and gain an insight into the traditional company.

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