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Charles Tanqueray & Co is a British company that specialises in the production of gin. The company was founded in 1830 by Charles Tanqueray in London and has since become a world-renowned brand.


The history of Charles Tanqueray & Co began in 1830 when Charles Tanqueray started distilling gin. His aim was to produce a gin of the highest quality that would appeal to the tastes of the British aristocracy and the growing middle class. Tanqueray's gin quickly became a favourite among London's gin drinkers and quickly gained notoriety and popularity.


During the Second World War, production of Tanquerays Gin was severely curtailed, but the company survived the difficult period and began to grow again in the 1950s. In the 1960s, Tanquerays Gin became an important part of the London cultural scene, and in the 1970s, the company began to expand internationally.


Today, Charles Tanqueray & Co is one of the world's leading gin producers. The company is known for its high-quality, aromatic gins made with natural botanicals and herbs. Tanqueray offers a wide range of gins, including Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Tanqueray No. Ten Gin and Tanqueray Rangpur Gin.


Charles Tanqueray & Co remains an icon of British gin culture and has become a globally respected and valued company. Tanqueray gin is served in bars and restaurants around the world and remains an integral part of British and international drinking culture.


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