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Cointreau is a well-known French liqueur made from orange peel and other ingredients. The liqueur has a high alcohol content and is often used as an ingredient in cocktails. Cointreau is appreciated by bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts worldwide and has been a popular brand in the spirits industry for many years.


The history of Cointreau dates back to 1849, when Adolphe and Edouard Cointreau began producing liqueurs in the French city of Angers. Their first success was the Triple Sec liqueur, which was made from orange peel and quickly became popular. Cointreau liqueur was first made in 1875 and was based on the Triple Sec recipe, but with a few extra ingredients to give it an even more intense flavour.


In the following years, Cointreau became a leading liqueur producer in France and gained international recognition for its quality products. The liqueur was used in many well-known cocktails and thus also gained fame among customers worldwide.


During the 20th century, Cointreau faced various challenges, including the Great Depression and the two World Wars. Nevertheless, the company managed to expand its production and enter new markets.



Today, Cointreau is a world-renowned liqueur that is available in many countries. The company has expanded its product range and now also offers other alcoholic beverages such as gin and vodka. The brand remains a major player in the spirits industry and continues to be appreciated for its high-quality and unique products.


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Cointreau Vincent Darré Limited Edition 40%...
Limitierte Auflage von Vincent Darré Maison Cointreau feiert 170 Jahre Mischkunst, indem es Vincent Darré mit der Kreation seiner limitierten Jubiläumsedition betraut. Die ikonische Cointreau-Flasche ist ein charakteristischer Flakon von...
Content 0.7 l (€42.79 * / 1 l)
From €29.95 *