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Matusalem is a famous Cuban rum brand known for its rich history and unique taste. The brand was founded in 1872 in Santiago de Cuba by the Spanish brothers Benjamin and Eduardo Camp.


Matusalem Rum is made from a blend of molasses and freshly pressed sugar cane juice and is aged in oak barrels, which give it its characteristic flavour and golden colour. Matusalem Rum is aged for at least 15 years, contributing to its unique flavour development.


The history of Matusalem is marked by passion, dedication and tradition. The founders, the Camp brothers, dedicated their lives to the production of high-quality rum and developed a special method of maturation and blending that distinguishes Matusalem rum from other rums.


During the Cuban Revolution in 1959, the Matusalem distillery was nationalised and the brand was taken over and continued by various Cuban companies in the following years. In 2002, the brand was taken over by Claudio Alvarez and moved to the Dominican Republic, where it is still produced today.


Matusalem Rum is now available in different variants, including Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 years, Matusalem Gran Reserva 18 years and Matusalem Gran Reserva 23 years. Each bottle of Matusalem Rum is a symbol of craftsmanship, quality and passion for rum making.


Overall, Matusalem is a brand that stands for its rich history and tradition, producing a unique and distinctive rum that is appreciated by rum lovers all over the world.

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