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The producer of Monkey 47 is "Pernod Ricard Deutschland" with its headquarters in Cologne, previously stationed in Koblenz. "Pernod Ricard Deutschland" was founded in Koblenz in 1989 and belongs to the French company "Pernod Ricard", which originated from the merger of the "Pernod" and "Ricard" companies in 1975.  "Pernod Ricard Deutschland" distributes and markets 33 brands and is the market leader in Germany with 225 employees. Furthermore, "Pernod Ricard Deutschland" attaches great importance to the environment. The group favours the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and has also signed the United Global Compact, which is about shaping social and environmental globalisation. Thanks to the signing of "New Plastics Economy", "Pernod Ricard Deutschland" has been doing without plastic straws worldwide since 2018 and was also awarded "Global Compact LEAD status company" this year. Entrepreneurship, mutual trust and a sense of ethics reflect the company's core values.


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Monkey 47 Black Forest Dry Gin
Monkey 47 Black Forest Dry Gin
Angetrieben von beruflicher Neugier, der Liebe zum sinnlichen Experimentieren und einer ausgeprägten Vorliebe für einzigartige Aromen, haben sich Schwarzwald-Destillate auf die Suche nach der Spezies Rara - der einzigartigen Zutat, die...
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