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Baron Otard Cognac was founded in 1795 by the French nobleman Jean-Baptiste Antoine Otard and is based in Cognac. The name Otard can be traced back to a tribal leader named Ottar in Norway. Their ancestors settled near Cognac in the 1700s, having previously resided in Scotland. Their knowledge of whisky distilling from their native Scotland helped them to distil wine. In 1793, the founder was sentenced to death, but due to the French Revolution, he and his inmates were freed by mobs. In 1796, Jean-Baptiste acquired the castle of Cognac. The high quality is also determined by the very good maturing conditions due to the proximity to the river and the thick walls of the chateau. Furthermore, the oak barrels are exposed to little evaporation. The balanced aroma is achieved by bleding different vintages. The brand was taken over by the Italian group Martini & Rossi in 1991, before that it was family-owned.


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Baron Otard VSOP Cognac
Baron Otard VSOP Cognac
Diese Mischung aus den besten Gewächsen alterte in französischen Eichenfässern, in welchen ein diskreter Hauch von Tannin produziert wird. Die ausgewogene Balance von Baron Otard VS benötigt nicht viel Zeit, um die intensiven, fruchtigen...
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