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The history of the house

In 1785, Florens-Louis Heidsieck, a young German cloth merchant from Westphalia, founded a company called "Heidsieck&Co" in Reims. At first, the trade specialised in wool and wine, but Florens quickly focused on selling exclusive wines from the region.

The champagne business grew and soon he was supplying the fine aristocracy. 

Florens died in 1828 and left his business to his nephew Henrie-Louis Walbaum. He founded the champagne brand Monopole with his brother-in-law Auguste Heidsieck.

For more than 230 years, the label "Heidsieck & Co" has been internationally recognised and appreciated.

"Preserving tradition so that the great classics last for centuries while always remaining modern."

Champagne bottles at the bottom of the sea

In 1916, 3000 bottles of champagne were originally to be delivered to St Petersburg for the Imperial Army, but a submarine sank the ship carrying the bottles. 

82 years later, 2400 bottles were found in the east of the Baltic Sea at a depth of 64m. 

Despite their age, they seemed perfectly preserved.

The vineyard

Champagne is largely covered with limestone soil, which is excellent for storing heat. The climate is predominantly harsh and continental or mild and Atlantic.

When the vines are pruned at the end of each year, only the best shoots are left standing, which in turn are tied up so that the sun can reach everywhere and the grapes can ripen well. 

Out of caution and care, harvesting is done exclusively by hand.

Three grape varieties are harvested:

- Chardonnay, brings elegance and liveliness,

- Pinot Noir, which gives body and strength,

- Pinot Meunier, makes the wine round and fruity.

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