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The Cooley Distillery is an Irish whiskey distillery founded in 1987 by John Teeling. The distillery is located in Riverstown, County Louth, near the east coast of Ireland.


The history of Cooley Distillery goes back to the foundation of the Dundalk Distillery in 1810, which was later taken over by the Irish Distillers Group, which owned almost all Irish distilleries at that time. In 1987, John Teeling was given permission to take over the Dundalk Distillery and turn it into the Cooley Distillery.


The Cooley Distillery quickly became known for its innovative methods of producing whiskey. It produced a wide range of whiskeys including single malt, single grain and blended whiskeys. The distillery was also known for its use of atypical casks such as bourbon, sherry, port, and rum casks to mature the whiskey.


The Cooley Distillery was acquired by the American company Beam Inc. in 2011 and has since been part of the Beam Suntory company. The distillery continues to produce a wide range of whiskeys today and has expanded its production to meet the growing demand for Irish whiskeys around the world.


Cooley Distillery has won several awards for its whiskeys, including Distillery of the Year at the International Wine & Spirits Competition. The distillery remains a major player in the Irish whiskey industry and has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative whiskey producers in the world.

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